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11:11 Magic, Signs, Synchronicities

Recently on 11/11 (which happens to be my birthday) I was invited by Jesse Cale of hOm Sound Baths for a cacao offering at a hOm at the Dome event. Before the cacao, the attendees were led by Sam of Find Me in the Stars in a workshop event on signs and synchronicities.

Stephanie Estice and Jesse Cale of hOm Sound Baths for a cacao offering at a hOm at the Dome event

Signs and synchronicities are a frequent occurrence in my life. Sometimes there are so many that it can feel incredibly intense. Truly feeling alive can feel intense.

Life is insistent. Life is rich. Life is powerful.

While we were all enjoying our cacao together, Jesse shared his beautiful story of two rabbits that took us along on an adventure. It is a story of one magical sign after another, nearly to the point of Jesse wishing for it to stop, as when life is this insistent, it sometimes can even feel unsettling.

Since early May this year I have been on a bit of a wild ride of signs, synchronicities, and messages. I shared a small part of it, related to cacao (oh, I have so, so many stories of signs and synchronicities and messages related to cacao), but I would like to share something not cacao-related.

Synchronicities and Magic

In May, shortly after I said yes, again, to cacao that started this six months of wild travel (figuratively and literally and cosmically), I spent a lovely spring evening at our neighbors' on their back patio. Enjoying the shift into spring, we had a lively conversation that went something like this:

  1. The foxes: Them: Have you seen the fox family? We've seen it many times, and our older daughter says, "Fox, fox, fox," to let us know so we can all come and watch together. Me: I've only barely seen them, a flash of orange one day, and I wondered if it was a fox. (Thinking to myself, "Oh how I wish I could see the foxes...")

  2. The dog twin: My partner: Did you know your dog has a twin in the neighborhood? This morning I thought a woman and her baby had taken your dog on a walk, and I stopped to say hi, called her dog by your dog's name, and she just looked at me. I wondered why she didn't understand. I kept saying your dog's name, that I was stopping to say hi, and she didn't say anything.

  3. The peonies: As we left, we walked from the backyard to the street via one side of our neighbor's home, and there were beautiful peonies in bloom. I had a strong, visceral memory of the peonies my mother grew at one of my childhood homes, on the same side of the house, and I felt a heart-longing for that place and memory.

We went home and rested. The next morning, less than 12 hours later, the magic began:

  1. The foxes: Shortly before 7am, I was looking at our backyard, and I saw them! The foxes! Not just a flash of orange, but actual frolicking foxes at the end of our yard. Everyone in our home was still asleep, so I quietly, excitedly whispered, "Fox, fox, fox," calling to share this magic with the ethers.

  2. The dog twin: Around 7:25am I was walking down our driveway exactly as a woman pushing a stroller and walking a dog passed the end of our driveway. I called to her and said, "I don't know if you know this, but your dog looks so much like our neighbors' dog who lives in that house (I pointed in that direction.) My partner is the one who stopped and tried to say hi yesterday, because he was so sure you were taking their dog for a walk!" We chatted and introduced ourselves. I felt such joy as I expressed gratitude for the magic the morning had brought! As I drove to where I was working at the time, I remembered the foxes and the woman and her dog and her baby.

  3. The peonies: 7:55am I arrived at work and dropped my things off in my room, then walked down the hall to get something. A few minutes later I returned to my room and stopped in my tracks...there was a vase full of peonies on the table that hadn't been there just minutes before. Hold on. That was it. Everything else felt like magic, but this powerful connection to my mother, who left this earthly plane in 2020, as the third of these synchronicities just floored me, and I sat down and burst into tears of joy and gratitude. I later found out who magically placed the peonies there, and she said, "I just saw them in my yard and knew you needed them."

The question came up at the 11/11 event around what it might mean when signs repeat...or maybe in this case not repeat, but happen in rapid succession. For me it is a reminder to trust. I have been aware of signs and synchronicities since I was a small child, but I haven't always trusted fact at times, because of a call to studies in science and the influence of aspects of our culture's beliefs, I questioned and even disbelieved the magic. At some point I danced with returning to trusting the signs, and I discovered that life takes on a whole new perspective when I live from that place of trust.

So my questions to you, in these intense and challenging times we are traversing...

Where do you place your trust?

Are you listening to the signs that may support you moving forward in your life?

And are you willing to experience the true intensity of living life and allowing the magic?





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